Mar 7, 2012

Pro Ana Tips #2 – An Interesting ProAna Trick

Pro Ana Tips

Since we received very good feedback to our previous Pro Ana Tips article we decided to finally write a new article.  You can see our previous article by clicking here:  Pro Ana Tips #1.  Also, before we get deep into our article please remember we added a free forum to the site where members have shared some very unique Pro-Ana ideas.  Visit today and sign-up by clicking here:  Pro Ana Forum

Also, as just a disclaimer, this website does not promote anorexia or any eating disorder.  We recommend losing weight but by doing it in healthy ways.  You can still lose weight fast and do it healthy all at the same time.

Pro Ana Tips and Tricks

We all want to lose weight right?  If you didn’t you probably wouldn’t be visiting this site.  However, as you probably have found out quickly dieting sucks.  You are normally hungry and those hunger pains can be the main enemy to you looking the way you want to look. So we want to try to give you some cheap (or even free) ideas to keep those hunger pains away.  So in our Pro Ana Tip #2 we are focusing on giving a cheap and effective way to curve hunger pains and also give you fresh breath!

Pro Ana Tips #2 – Chew some gum!

Chewing gum can be a cheap and effective way to keep those hunger pains at bay.  If you think about it, when you are chewing gum it kinda satisfies that oral fixation.  Now, chewing gum loaded in sugar isn’t beneficial since the dentist will be counting the cavities at your next dental visit.  So choose a sugar free gum.  Ever seen or heard of NBC’s The Biggest Loser?  Contestants on that show are encouraged to chew gum.  Also, there are studies out there that actually show that chewing gum can help you lose weight.  More on that in just a bit.  Another positive side effect of chewing gum is it gives you fresh breath.  This is especially important if you smoke but even if you don’t having fresh breath is never a bad thing!  You can look absolutely gorgeous but if you open your mouth and speak and have bad breath it can completely kill the mood and even turn away that special someone.

The following few paragraphs is related to Pro Ana Tips #2 but it’s just something to keep an eye out for the future so if you may want to skip this part if you aren’t interested.  I saw a recent article on the internet about a study on how they are trying to infuse an appetite hormone into chewing gum.  I thought I would pass thing along because it was interesting to say the least and something to keep a eye out for in the near future.  Recently a study was published (November 2011 to be exact) in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, that chewing a specialized weight loss gum after eating a meal (big or small) can actually insert a critical hormone into the bloodstream.  This hormone is called human PYY.  It’s part of a chemical process that regulates appetite and energy.

Let’s stop right there for a second.  The hormone PYY helps regulate appetite and energy and what are two things that everyone has issues with when dieting or trying to lose weight quickly?  Keeping your appetite at bay and filling full along with having energy not feeling sluggish.  We can all cut major calories out of our diet but then you feel hungry and most importantly you feel tired and sluggish since the body uses calories to burn for energy (as well as basic bodily functions). Most sites that share Pro Ana Tips will tell you to cut out huge chunks of calories.  So say you normally eat about 1,500 calories.  Pro Ana users or just people who want to lose weight will say to cut that in half.  That is a big deal and could be very unhealthy if you do this for a long period of time.

Ok back to the scientific stuff.  So as the body consumes calories it released more PYY hormone into your bloodstream.  Studies show that people who are obese have lower concentrations of this hormone in their system.  So in plain English obese people eat more than they should or need to partly because they don’t feel full or it takes them much longer to fill full.

Unfortunately, this special gum has not been released yet so don’t go looking for it however you may be able to add it to your Pro Ana Tips bag in the next 12 months or so.

However, another study has shown that gum chewers expend about 60 calories a day.  Also, if you chew gum before AND after a meal then your overall calorie burning increases by 5 percent.  It also makes since to chew gum before eating a snack.  Try eating after you chew gum and that snack probably doesn’t taste too good.  So you don’t eat as much of it (or any at all).  Add that to the fact that chewing gum also burns calories and you got a fairly cheap way help you lose weight and keep it off. One negative side-effect to chewing a lot of gum is the potential for diarrhea.  This is due to the sugar alcohol in the gum (you can find non-sugar alcohol gum, just read the labels).  So if you start getting very loose stools or diarrhea and you chew gum all the time you may way to cut back some.

We hope you learned something from this Pro Ana Tips article.  Stay tuned for even more Pro Ana Tips and Tricks articles in the coming months.


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