Oct 13, 2014

Pro ana tips and tricks

Pro Ana Tips
Pro- ana way of life is a lifestyle choice that requires serious dedication. Some people fail along the way not because of a lack of will but a lack of proper structure and guidelines. Here are 25 tips you can follow to ensure that Ana is the center of your life.

For structure try these 10 pro ana tips:

1) Do not under any circumstances eat before 3 pm nor after 6 pm. This is very important as you need structured timing or you will become more tempted to eating whenever you feel like. If you are new to Ana then this will help significantly.

2) Never eat anything bigger than a cup. Your stomach will stress to accommodate the amount of food you consume. The more it stresses the hungrier you will be more frequently.

3) Drink a glass of water before you eat and take sips while you eat. This will help you to feel fuller and your hunger craving will disappear.

4) Take out only the food you intend to eat and do not go back for seconds

5) Stay away from fitness shakes and cereal bars, they have far more calories than the meal you are trying to use them to replace.

6) Keep a bottle of water close by at all times, you will see it throughout the day and take sips. It is better to take sips every 10-15 minutes to offset hunger than to take gulps when hunger becomes overbearing. If you cannot carry a bottle of water around then drink a glass every hour. one of the most effective and important pro ana tips any one could ever give you is to drink lots of water.

7) If you must eat more than once per day eat higher calorie foods earlier in your day so that you have the time to burn the calories off.

8) Cut food into tiny pieces when you set out to eat. Count your bites and set your utensils down between bites- use this time to sip on your water.

9) Walk with reminders of why you started being pro- ana to begin with. A list of reasons you want to be thinner, a picture of someone you want to look like or cut a ribbon the size you want your waist to be and look at it every time you feel like eating.

10) Try as best as possible to eat with others or in public. Eating alone is a perfect way to allow binge eating to creep in.

To maintain your Pro- ana diet with these 10 pro ana tips:

1) When you feel hungry outside of your designated eating hours suck on ice. It keeps you hydrated while your mouth keeps busy.

2) Green tea and black coffee both contain caffeine which is a natural appetite suppressant. Avoid sugar and milk at all cost. If you must sweeten you green tea add no more than a teaspoon of sugar.

3) If you choose to go with a juice diet then ensure you drink water or only natural fresh juices. Stay away from smoothies and puree as these will induce hunger.

4) For sweet cravings suck on a popsicle stick or a chop stick dipped in a marsh mellow packet or a packet of artificial juice mix.

5) Hot water with lemon is an excellent morning drink to replace bare water.

6) Ever heard of the Master Cleanse Diet? The drink used is fresh lemon juice sweetened with small amounts of maple syrup and sprinkled with cayenne pepper. The juice replaces hunger, the maple syrup helps with sweet cravings and the cayenne pepper like other peppers raises your metabolism.

7) Brush your teeth when you feel like you want to eat. The fresh mint taste and clean will put off your hunger pang.

8) Remember the trick to losing weight is not just eating small amounts, if you must eat more than once remember four 100 calorie meals are better than one 400 calorie meal- it keeps you metabolism going.

9) Write your current weight on one hand and the weight you want to be on another, when you get the urge to eat glance at them to remind yourself where you are and where you want to go. Some pro ana tips will tell you to put an elastic band on your arm and snap it each time you feel hungry, but this is somewhat self-mutilating and we will not recommend it here

10) Do not eat at least 3 hours before bed and get at least 6 hours of sleep each night.

Do not ignore your health! Yes, you will eating far less but you do not need to be unhealthy. Remember these 5 pro ana tips while you are at it:

1) When you must eat, ensure you get proteins and vitamins in- eat servings of vegetables.

2) Drinking fresh vegetable juices or fruit juices at least three times per week will provide your body with the necessary vitamins you need.

3) If you have a hectic job where you are constantly on the move then you should eat both in the morning and again during the 3-6 pm period and consider juices in between.

4) If you feel light headed and dizzy at any point during your day grab a snack- something salty or sweet will do the trick as this is usually a sigh that your blood sugar levels and/ or your blood pressure is dangerously low.

5) Get some sleep! This is really important! Sleep is important for your body to function, it is where your body rewires, heals and it helps your immune system something you do not want to ever compromise. All the other pro ana tips listed here are pointless if you do not get enough sleep.

Going Pro- Ana is one of the best ways to get to the desired weight. Remember it requires dedication and do not ignore your health while you are at it. Follow these pro ana tips and you should be just fine.

Sep 19, 2014

Pro Ana tips to help you lose weight the healthiest way possible.

Tip 2. Find others who share your goals

There’s just so much advice out there to help you lose weight. Admittedly, a lot of the advice is actually useful, but finding it is usually a task. Other advices are just fluff or ineffective if you don’t follow it right. Some can even be dangerous (I’m looking at you, senseless fad diets).

Losing weight is an admirable goal, but if you want to do it, you have to understand that it should be done in a sustainable way. Looking after your health is a much bigger concern. That’s where pro ana thinspiration could help you. These tips are aimed toward increasing your confidence, helping you realize that being healthy and thin is much better than just simply thin. A number of guys and girls around the world have come together to form a community around pro ana thinspirations and now the thinspirations are generated from within this community.

The slender beauty that every girl wants isn’t always easy to achieve. But with the help of a few well researched tips, it can most definitely be achieved. The objective is not to lose a lot of weight very quickly and think you’re done, but to develop a healthy lifestyle that can make you thin gradually and keep you that way for life. These tips help you calculate your BMI, figure out how healthy your weight is, develop positive self-image, cultivate healthy eating habits and avoid binge eating or fad diets.

By joining the pro ana thinspiration community you will find a group of people looking for that fantastic body, just like you. Countless members have completely changed the way they think about their bodies and health, and are always more than willing to help you too. You can learn from their mistakes and misadventures, and be inspired from their journey. Not everyone has lost weight yet, so you’ll also find a large group of people starting off just like you. Everyone agrees it’s important to have a support structure while attempting to change your lifestyle so dramatically, and the community is always willing to participate.

The most important resource you will find on your journey, should you wish to join, is the pro ana thinspiration eBook. This book is loaded with tips that are explained in the most simple and easy to rad language possible. Your time won’t be wasted with useless and often unnecessary jargon, and you’ll find that you’ve never heard of a lot of the tips before. Signing up for the eBook and the community is relatively simply as well, and all these resources can be found on the thinspiration website.

Remember, losing weight and shaping your body the way you desire is a goal shared by many. Find inspiration and join a group that can help guide you with new ideas and tips to get the best results possible. It’s a healthy way to clear your doubts and feel like you’re better motivated.

Jul 19, 2012

Enjoy Easy Weight Loss Success With Pro Ana Thinspiration

Welcome again in our site to all of you there. We hope that you are doing some progress in order to lose some unwanted weights of yours. Sometimes losing weight can seem out of our reach and elusive. At the beginning of a weight loss journey it is easy to be enthusiastic, but after a few days or weeks you can lose motivation. Why is it that some people can actually lose the weight and keep it off? What is their secret to success? Well, Pro Ana Thinspiration will give you some marvelous tips. Check these out.

The first thing you need to do when thinking about weight loss is figure out what your goals are. Have you set a goal of how much weight you want to shed? What about clothes? Would you like to go down a size or two, or maybe fit into your current wardrobe better? Ask yourself whether you want some extra energy, or just to feel like you are in better shape.

Adding a daily journal to your weight loss routine has a number of benefits. Writing down your goals helps you to remember them. Weighing yourself weekly will help you chart your progress. Along with keeping track of your weight, it is also a good idea to keep track of what you are eating. Keeping a daily record of the foods you eat allows you to see which choices are doing more harm than good and to make adjustments accordingly. Go through these records for motivation. Continue reading »

Jul 14, 2012

Pro Ana Thinspiration Evergreen Guidelines for A Slimmer YOU!

Pro Ana Thinspiration basically consist of those videos and pictures which inspire a person to lose weight or shed excess fats to become slim. There are a number of Pro Ana Tips which you could follow to achieve that paragon of beauty you are aching for. Aside from the videos and pictures which definitely entice us to watch over your calories, there are a number of Pro Ana Tips which you could basically follow to have a healthy diet and a well-rounded lifestyle. Here are some Pro Ana Tips which you could follow:

•Drink plenty of water. Water definitely makes you feel fuller and this feeling of being full will definitely help you avoid hankering for food. Drinking water will definitely decrease your desire for food by a half.

•Alter some of your mental setup. We have in our minds some mental habits which condition our actions and engender habitual patterns of behavior. I guess we have to change some of these mental habits so that we could change some of our actual habits. This is a difficult task to do, because some of our mental habits have been already there in our minds for several years. I guess a daily realignment of our habits can do the trick for us.

•Be active always. Inactivity makes us crave for food. So every time you find yourself doing nothing, try to busy yourself, take a walk, or do something which will allow you to defocus your mind from eating and food.

•Maintain a daily exercise routine. There is nothing more effective than a regular exercise. The body is like a machine which needs to be always lubricated and moving. If you could start a simple exercise routine every day, it would be very beneficial to your health and well-being.

•Visualize a perfect body for you. “Imagination is everything,” according to Einstein. If you could always imagine yourself having a perfectly slim body, you would in the end have a perfect body. The power of our imagination is so tremendous that it could always bring out the desired result for us.

There are other Pro AnaTips which could be of great help to you in psyching up yourself and your body. The main point is that you should not lose motivation, but always search for every possible motivation to move you to achieve a healthy and wonderful body.

Jul 8, 2012

Pro Ana Thinspiration Represents The Standard of Beauty!

The standard of beauty has evolved throughout the passage of time that now our standard of beauty is a body with slim contour and thin, with no excessive fats and love handles. This paragon of modern beauty sported by ramp models has sometimes driven girls to a pitch level of losing weight and excess fats. I guess this also engendered the Pro Ana organization which many say promote anorexia nervosa. Well, I think this statement is an exaggeration and may not really exemplify the principles of Pro Ana organization. Pro Ana does not necessarily promote anorexia nervosa. On the contrary, it wants to provide a platform for women who are suffering from this form of malady. Yet some extreme subgroups of Pro Ana generally maintain that anorexia nervosa is not a malady but a lifestyle and a desirable and ideal one.

A cursory look at Pro Ana Diet would show us that it does not really advocate the promotion of anorexia nervosa, but rather, it supports a healthy lifestyle through the regulation of one’s calorie intake. Even the Pro Ana Tips, Thinspiration and the content of Pro Ana thinspiration eBook, I would say, promote the regulation of one’s calorie, which is highly beneficial to one’s health. We know for a fact that most people eat a lot of food which our body doesn’t really need. If we could devise, therefore, a healthy diet (as done by Pro Ana) which regulates our calorie intake, and maximizes the intake of healthy vitamins and minerals, then we might as well readily grab it as a welcome addition to our lifestyle. Yet, most of our habits are quite difficult to break and even though we have the best dietary regimen at hand, our old habits would readily resurface and overturn our resolve to cut out on some calories. What we need is the debunking of old habits and the forming of new healthy ones. After all, our personality is just the summation of all our habits and we are what we repeatedly do.

Jun 28, 2012

Pro Ana Thinspiration Promotes Healthy Lifestyle!

You may not be aware of it but Thinspiration is becoming a craze among young girls who want to maintain a very slim figure. What is Thinspiration basically? Well, Thinspiration is video montages or pictures of slim women, ranging from perfectly naturally slim women to very thin and highly emaciated figures. These videos and pictures are commonly used by girls to inspire them to lose weight. Thinspiration is usually associated with Pro Ana Organization Blogs and now you may be asking what Pro Ana is.

Well, to give you a general idea, Pro Ana consists of organizations who promote losing weights and healthy lifestyle. Yet, to define it radically enough, Pro Ana promotes anorexia nervosa and Ana stands for girls who wants to become slim. There are two subgroups I would say among Pro Ana Organization: there are those who say that they do not glamorize anorexia nervosa, but just want to provide a non-judgmental venue where those who suffer anorexia nervosa could get emotional support, open discussion and acceptance; there are also those who would maintain that anorexia nervosa is a lifestyle which is highly desirable by everyone.

Well, losing weight is a desirable idea, considering the fact that obesity is fast becoming a health concern in most developed countries. In fact many people are chasing after Pro Ana tips and Pro Ana Thinspiration eBooks on the off-chance that they may get some viable regimens to follow to lose weight and stay slim. Likewise, the very idea of Thinspiration is a good way of psyching up oneself inorder to shed off some loose weights. Though here is my only caveat to those who want to lose weight: “Do not compromise your health when you lose weight.” You may follow those Pro Ana tips and be inspired by Thinspiration videos and pictures. But make sure that your health is well-taken care of.

Jun 18, 2012

How Pro Ana Thinspiration Handle Obesity!

There are many people suffering with the problem of obesity and Pro Ana Thinspiration was considered as one of the best way to cut weight. It is natural for everyone to gain weight when we get older because of the fact that we have less activity and have a large sum of meals every day. This is when Pro Ana Thinspiration enters to the scene. Pro Ana is a plan for dietary course and aims for losing a massive amount of weight. In the beginning, the food intake must be less than the casual food intake and it will lead the fats to be extract by the body.

After a few days or a week, the body will adopt to the Pro Ana’s method. Alongside with regular exercise, the body will need more energy and that energy will comes to the stored fats of the body. With this cycle of Pro Ana’s way, the body will understand the routine and it will cut weight significantly. Significant numbers of weight loss will be a big sum in matter of 30days – 50 days. 50 days is a well deserve period of time for a problem like obesity.

Lack of self-control, discipline and knowledge bring us to the problem of overweight and most likely obesity. Pro Ana Thinspiration is dedicated plan to cut weight and save people from disaster of being an overweight. If you want to get slim just follow the plan of Pro Ana Thinspiration, “Eat less and burn more calories by doing exercise and activities.”

We really hope you learn and motivate you from this simple tip of Pro Ana Thinspiration.

May 16, 2012

Pro Ana Thinspiration: A New Challenge in Slim Life

We have been silence for a while, but we hope that you are just doing fine there. Thank you for still loyal visiting ProAnathinspiration.Net. We may have been very busy with our daily routine until we came to the point and then, realize that we’ve neglected this site of ours. Now we are back with intention in mind to give you some useful tips as well as guidelines to create a slimmer and healthier you. Now, let us move on to the main agenda of today’s topic.

The attempt to change the bad habits to good habits is a big challenge especially for girls and also adult women. We must say that you must have a physical and mental prepared for this challenge. The excess weight is one of the causes of bad habits and many of us deal with this kind of problem. However, there is a way that cannot hurt at all and all you need are motivation and discipline to have a good self-esteem and thin life. We are strongly agree that it is easier than to do the things that you want to do. However, think it from positive aspect because it is a common problem we face nowadays. You know, excess unwanted fat on our body because lack of exercises and eat a lot more than our body needed. Continue reading »

Apr 20, 2012

5 Pro AnaThinspiration Effective Tips To Become A Slimmer You!

It’s been a long time since we have updated this website. For your information, we are currently undergoing to find some useful and practical information to be shared with you here. We really put in lots of effort to ensure that Pro Ana Thinspiration  ebook will work for everyone that practice what we have taught. We know that almost all of us face weight problems due to imbalance daily diet nowadays. However, there is always a solution for a problem or at least we can conceal our weaknesses, right? Here, we will share five Pro Ana Thinspiration effective tips in terms of choosing a suiable clothes and dresses to become a slimmer YOU! Do not forget to jot down things that you feel imprortant here, okay.

Tip # 1  Dark & Solid Color

Most of people acknowledge dark and solid colours will make someone to look slimmer and yes, more curvy. Isn’t that great? When comes to dark colour, black is the most ultimate colour in order to minimize or hide your real curve. If you want some variety, you also can opt for navy black or brown black to reveal slimmer curve and at the same time, look elegant and gorgeous.  Now, you can start to look for one okay. :)


Tip #2 Wear Long  Sleeves

Sometimes, it’s good to go for a change such as wearing long sleeves. You will be amazed how the long sleeves covered your full-figured arms as well as your wrists. We have to face the fact that along with our ageing phase, our skin will lose its elasticity and lose its tight shape. In this case, long sleeves will help to cover them for you. Thus, people will not notice your weaknesses on your body.


Tip #3 Show Off Your Figure!

Lots of women who have plus size more attract to wear baggy clothes because they think that they can hide unwanted fat on their body. To tell you the truth although this might hurt your feeling, by wearing those will not hide anything. Why don’t you try something that more figure flattering approach? Okay, it’s not that you should wear a very tight clothes, but what it exactly mean is that you wear a cloth that will accentuate your figure in a good taste.


Tip #4 Shining in Monochromatic Look!

Some of you might misunderstood of this term. Monochromatic look does not mean you need to wear only black and white clothes. It means you wear a cloth that is all one colour which can make you look more tall and slim. Yes, you will look more attractive in others’ eyes and that is almost every woman wants, to look slimmer, taller as well as nice figure. For a start, you can wear a black figure flattering top together with black pant that using a soft material.  You can match a trendy belt to look more sophisticated.


Tip #4 Go for a tan skin!

Do not worry, we don’t ask you to go for a expensive skin tanning treatment. A tan skin will make you have healthier look as well as a slimming plus glowing skin. It is true than tan looks healthy and health is considered to be beautiful in the eyes of people. However, you should avoid the sun or a tanning bed treatment because it will give harms to your skin’s condition. You can find other alternatives by checking out a high quality and proven self-tanning lotion for tanning your skin.


Pro Ana Thinspiration is not about how to make your body slim but we also teach you how to appreciate the type of body you have and how to conceal what you lack of. Being slim back again is a wonderful journey that should be cherished by every women. As long as you have strong will power within, you can achieve your ideal body. Until we meet again in the next article of ours. :)

Apr 3, 2012

Pro Ana Thinspiration | about

Pro Ana Thinspiration

Pro Ana Thinspiration tackles the art of slim living. It is a drastic change on the way people live that attempts to eliminate the bad habits that can lead to weight gain. It concentrates on the inspirations and drive that will keep you living a thinner lifestyle. The program is the exact thing you are searching for if you have been accustomed with the day-by-day assistance regarding the process of looking and being extremely thin. Pro Ana Thinspiration is an eBook product that does not aim to promote unhealthy and potentially life threatening habits like fasting or purging that can hurt your body and deplete the nutrients it needs. Instead, the eBook promotes proper weight loss via an unconventional yet effective technique of inspiring an individual to do so. Below are some tips to keep in mind when engaging the eBook product. A message of caution, be prepared, both physically and mentally, to feel much better about yourself, look extremely younger and even attract the ideal partner without having to go through all that drastic lifestyle changes.

Weight loss is somewhat a common problem or issue these days which people need help in solving. People, especially weight conscious individuals and health and fitness nuts, all aim to lose weight. If you didn’t have this problem in mind, you wouldn’t have searched for Pro Ana Thinspiration. Nonetheless, as you’ve found already – dieting sucks. You are usually hungered and these hunger pains can be your mortal enemy that will hinder you from continuing the dietary regimen you are trying to conform to. This is where the first Pro Ana tips comes into the picture – chew some gum. Find it quite simple or vague right? However, this is a beneficial way to help you get through your aching stomach each passing day of your dietary regimen. Chewing gum is also a cheaper means of doing so, making it highly recommended. When you think about it, chewing gum does cause the beneficial effect of satisfying oral fixation. However, make sure that you are chewing gum that is sugar-free since those loaded with sugar content aren’t beneficial for your oral health or diet.

The next Pro Ana tips is not to try too hard to lose significant amounts of weight overnight. Some people tend to lose interest and get discouraged when they find their weight to be exactly the same after a day of their dietary regimen. The truth of the matter is you should be consistently losing weight. Think of it as a long-term goal rather than a short-term objective. Remember, it is not recommended by medical experts and fitness professionals to shed 10 pounds or more in a single week. The intervals of your weight loss regimen should be equal and proportionate in order to reduce the impact on your body and effects that can take its toll on you. A benefit of this particular tip is that your body tends to form nicely balanced and concurrently you are avoiding the abrupt depletion of nutrients, electrolytes and minerals for your body.

Third tip is to set a mental change. This may be the hardest and trickiest part for most people taking the Pro Ana program. You will have to instill a mindset and initiate a way of thinking that you are a new person. So what is the main benefit of such guideline? Basically, a change in how you view and carry out your diet and exercise will get you to think a lot more creatively. For example, rather than trying to get the nearest parking space at a shopping mall, you should find a parking space that is as far away as possible so that you will be forced to walk once or jog to your car after shopping. Moreover, when inside the mall, don’t take elevators or escalators and instead walk the flight of stairs. The reason behind why the step is known as mental shift is that except you make that decision, then you will forget or disregard doing useful interventions such as these.

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